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City Elections
Thursday March 24th 2022

Florence and Graeme are standing together for election in our ward of Farringdon Within.
They have the experience and determination to make a difference,
and to focus on areas that matter most.

This website was created for you to find out more about them, this election, and why you should use two of your votes to help re-elect Graeme and to get Florence elected.

City of London Elections
Graeme Doshi-Smith


"I’ve worked in Farringdon Within and the City for over 30 years in information security.  It's been an honour to represent our ward for the last 9 years, supporting workers, businesses and residents.

I've chaired a number of green-spaces committees, working to protect and enhance City gardens and help drive the City's environmental policy. 
I'm standing to continue to volunteer my free time, skills and knowledge to continue this work. 

This includes strengthening the City's carbon capture programme, using my cyber-skills to support City Police in their national cyber and fraud role, and working to support businesses in our post-pandemic ward, such as through the Fleet Street Quarter BID."



"I have worked in the City of London for the last 16 years and currently work for a leading financial institution as a Programme Manager.

I am excited at the prospect of potentially standing as a candidate for Farringdon Within and representing the residents and businesses in the Ward."

Our Priorities

These are the things we want to focus on as your future Common Councillors
- we think these are things that matter to us all. 

What does The City do?  It's a lot more important to London and the UK than you might think!

How to vote

Post-pandemic recovery

We need the City Corporation to assist in helping the Ward and City recover after the pandemic, encouraging businesses and workers back in a safe and sustainable way. 

We need to help small and medium businesses adapt to a different City, through financial and practical assistance.

We're particularly excited by the Fleet Street Quarter 'Business Improvement Districts, which will involve multi-million pound investment plans, in the south of our ward and in the east of the City.

City Covid-19 support
Building on existing action plans


Open Spaces &
Climate Emergency

Working to secure and enhance our open spaces, and supporting and expanding the City's carbon capture programme, getting us to Carbon Zero sooner.

Graeme has chaired the City's Open Spaces & City Gardens, West Ham Park and most recently Epping Forest and Commons Committees - he wants to build on this and wider knowledge and experience, and continue to support the City's work.

City Green Spaces (PDF)

City's Climate Action Strategy

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Mental health and Wellbeing

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the need for companies to support their employees’ physical and mental wellbeing.

Both Florence and Graeme believe wellbeing needs to be adequately addressed in the ward and the City as a whole and will work to ensure wellbeing initiatives continue to be launched and expanded across the ward as workers return to the office.

Mental health & wellbeing

City Wellbeing Centre

Entering credit card details

Cybersecurity & Fraud

The City of London Police is the National Lead Force on fraud, so plays a vital part in protecting all of us against fraud and cybercrime, both as individuals and as a nation.

We want to provide City Police with effective support, oversight and challenge.

Graeme is has over 30 years experience in cybersecurity in the financial services industry, and wants to continue to volunteer to provide the City with the benefit of his experience and expertise. 

City Police - National Lead Force

Action Fraud

Working Together

Diversity & inclusion

As a team, we are here to support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts that companies in the ward may wish to implement.

Florence has extensive experience in this space and has rolled out projects to improve racial and gender equity in the workplace.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss how we intend to support and champion DE&I initiatives in the Ward.

Putting diversity & inclusion 'front and centre'


The future of
Farringdon Within...

Below are a number of exciting projects underway that will change our ward forever.

If elected, Graeme & Florence will work hard to achieve the maximum benefit for Farringdon Within, and speak-out against things that could harm our ward. 



As Crossrail finally opens, Farringdon station, with the east ticket hall in our will be one of the busiest in the UK.

An incredible opportunity, but we need to ensure we remain an attractive place to live and work, not just a hub for a station.


The meat-market will be moving out, and the Museum moving in, along with the redevelopment of the whole site. 

This is exciting, but will change the North of our ward dramatically. 


The South of our ward forms part of the Fleet Street Quarter BID - Business Improvement District. 

We need to ensure money is well spent and invested, and the views of our businesses and resdents are heard.


Vote here!

The election, along with the Wardmote will be held here at:
Cutlers' Hall, 4 Warwick Lane


If you might not be in the City
on Thursday 24th March,

you can get a Proxy Vote so that you don't lose the opportunity to have your say in how the City is run.

Remember that if you have a Postal Vote, but have left it too late to safely return this in the post, you can deliver your envelope here on Polling Day.

If you haven't got your postal ballot, contact Electoral Services at Guildhall.

Proxy Voting